Ryu / 流

blinds (2 types)
Offset printing on Korean traditional paper


The Hanji window blind, titled “Ryu (flow),” is designed to show Hanji’s unique texture and distinctive features.
'Ryu' is inspired by the Korean traditional blind 'Bal' and the significant cultural life of Korean.
These unique patterned blinds are made by new material 'Mochwa Hanji' which synthesizes the fabric with Korean traditional paper 'Hanji' and cotton.
This Hanji fabric is very eco-friendly material. All of the blinds were printed on various patterns. Also, it can be acquired at a reasonable price.

I collaborated with a furniture designer Eunhak Kim.
We have organized a project team 'Mojo Lab' for this project to pursue to articulate thinking of new craft and traditions of Korea.

This project was supported by Korea Craft and Design Foundation grant.

2 types of blind
: 2 types of blind

part of illustration
: part of illustration

process of design
: process of design