Nobody Knows Me

1st solo exhibition
BMH gallery, Seoul, Korea


'Nobody knows me' is Jeong-Eun Lee's first solo exhibition which held during June 2009 in gallery BMH, Seoul, South Korea. This exhibition includes collection of various furniture and decorative items designed with mixed application of diverse material and create in various methods. In the same context of mt previous projects in with various material, which are very much present in our daily lives, are mised or combined to form a new object, this exhibion diplays the design works that are created through combination of diverse material.
The exthibition expresses the possibilities if diverse material, attempts to create something new and a strange sense of awareness of the materials. The 2009 ollection attempted to express that out common knowledge of smooth and mass produced products are not the only good design out there and I also wanted to relate the sense of craftsmanship that can only be provided through handmade artwork to many people.