Jeong-eun Lee

Jeong Eun Lee is a multi-faced researcher and craftsman who is based in Seoul, South Korea.

She is a PhD Candidate on the Design History and Culture Studies at the Seoul National University. Her research focuses on the significant relationship between visual culture and space, politics, society in Two Korea since the end of the Korean War. She takes a multidisciplinary approach that encompasses the fields of architecture and art history, visual culture, media, everyday lives, and postcolonial theories.
She has a special interest include craft and design histories, contemporary design phenomenon and visual culture in East Asia. She holds a BFA in Metal Art and Design and MA in Art and Cultural Management at Hongik University. Her master thesis investigates the effect of a link between customer’s creativity and actual hand action of consumers.

Growing up under strong influence by her artistic family, a jewelry maker father and garment maker mother, she was nurtured by the hand-made object and has always had a strong passion for the heritage of crafts.

She was one of founding member and director of ‘Boboostore Design Cooperative’. Her experience includes planning and exhibition design for Airbnb, SAMPYO(샘표), and Kuala Lumpur design week. She was also invited as a commissioner for Connection Project that collaborated with Korean Cultural Asset(Traditional Metal Fittings). In 2010, she was selected as a 'Top 12 young designer in Korea' from the magazine 'Maison'.

She continues to explore the linkage of research and practice based on visual culture in the real world.



2017 Ph. D. Candidate, Design History and Culture, Seoul National University, Korea

2015 MA in Arts and Cultural Management, Hongik University, Korea

2008 BFA in Metal Art and Design, Hongik University, Korea


2018 National Research Foundation of Korea - 2018 Global Ph.D. Fellowship Program Selection


2015 Best Thesis Award, Hongik Univ. Seoul, Korea

2013 5th Design Competition for Korean Buddhism(Participation prize), Seoul, Korea

2009 Kancil Award(Golden prize), Best of Digital, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

solo exhibition

2009 Nobody Knows Me. / Gallery BMH, Seoul, Korea

group exhibition

느낌의 공동체, Community of Feeling, 아트스페이스 H, Seoul, Korea

나무를 바라보는 방법, 금보성 아트센터, Seoul, Korea
세대를 잇는 작업 이음 展 - ㈜포스코 1% 나눔재단 중요무형문화재 지원사업, 포스코센터 아트 페어 스페이스, Seoul, Kroea

상암동 예술집 / 원부스페이스, 서울
Travel Obsession / 보부상회 갤러리, 서울

Modern Haute Couture Exhibition / Boutique Monaco Museum, Seoul, Korea
16 Korean Young Designer by Maison / Space croft, Seoul, Korea

Participated in 'Seoul Design Capital 2010' World Designers Market / 잠실 주경기장, Seoul, Korea

'1000 Ornaments' / Nefspace, Seoul, Korea
Home & Table Deco Fair 2009 / C.O.E.X, Seoul, Korea
Participated in 'Seoul Design Olimpiad 2009 ' World Design Market / Seoul, Korea
Wonderful Art _ Living Frurniture / Cheonju Art Studio, Cheongju city, korea
MATERIAL LIFE - Craft Project / gallery BMH, Seoul, Korea
Korea Design Week 2009 / Seoul Station, Korea
KL Design Week 2009 / National Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Furniture Fair / BMH, Seoul, Korea
Casa Living Design Walk 2009_Common sense, Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul, Korea
Please, Propose for me. _ Team Project
International Design Fair 2008 / Incheon, South Korea
Participated in 'Seoul Design Olympiad 2008 'World Design Market, Seoul, Korea
International Lighting Fair 2008 / C.O.E.X, Seoul, Korea
Woman Design Fair 2008 / Korean Design Center, Kyungkido, Korea

CRAFT-KRAFT / FLAT-RATE, gallery BMH, Seoul, Korea
Do 展, gallery HUT Seoul, Korea

M. A. D. E. 展 _ graduation exhibition, Hyundai Museum of Hongik Univ. Seoul, Korea

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